838 Coatings™ is a company focused on lowering the life cycle cost of existing roofs. This is accomplished through maintenance, repair and restoration of nearly all ages and types of existing roofs. These roofing substrates include metal, EPDM, PVC, TPO, asphalt and spray polyurethane foam. We support and sell, directly to roofing contractors across the country.


Our coatings, tapes and sealants utilize the latest advancements in chemical technologies. By design, our high tech products are easy to apply and formulated to last longer than industry standards. By utilizing these advanced long lasting technologies, we can meet the goal of lowering the life cycle cost of a roof and providing the highest performance at a great value.


Our bright white coatings exceed ENERGY STAR™ requirements for reflectivity and emissivity. White coatings keep the roofing substrate cool and reduce expansion and contraction of the roof system. Over time, expansion and contraction can cause stress and premature failure in the roof system. A cool roof also slows down the rate of chemical degradation of all of the roof system components. Finally, the cool roof reduces the temperature of the entire roofing system, making insulation more efficient and lowering the temperature on the inside of the building - both resulting in lower energy costs.


At 838 Coatings™ our goal is to make a select group of products that exceed current industry performance standards and supply these products directly to our customers at a competitive price. In the end, well designed high tech products with proven performance result in lowering the life cycle cost of the roof.


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