What is Roof Restoration?

It is inevitable that all roofing systems age and eventually deteriorate to the point of having to be replaced.   Annual inspections and preventative maintenance can prolong the roof life but the aging continues until the roof has to be replaced.

Roof Restoration is a cost effective and proactive solution to prolong the life of the existing roof.  Virtually all roofing types can be restored including Polyurethane Foam, Metal, Asphalt, and Single Ply Membranes.  Restoration utilizes advanced materials that address the short comings and deterioration of the existing roof.  After the deteriorated areas are addressed, a white reflective coating is applied over the entire roof.  The white coating protects the underlying roofing materials from the elements that cause aging, namely: heat from the sun, moisture from rain and dew, and damaging UV radiation from the sun.

Experience has shown that roof restoration can extend the life cycle of an existing roof well over 50 years.  Restoration has additional benefits including:

·       Much less expensive than roof replacement

·       Slows the aging process of the roof

·       Minimal disruption to occupants

·       May save energy (when using a light colored reflective coating)

·       Reduces landfill materials (10% of landfill waste is made up of roofing materials)