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Roof Coatings - Decades of Success

Roof Coatings have been used for decades with great success in commercial and industrial applications. The benefits of coating can save building owners 40-70% over roof replacement with limited to no disturbance to the current day-to-day operations. No costly tear off or landfill waste makes this all possible. Coatings are designed to restore and protect your current roof system, without your building ever being opened to the weather elements. With the right maintenance program, we can get a commercial roof to last 2-3 times their life expectancy.

A master contractor and 838 Coatings representative will evaluate your roof before the restoration process to ensure your roof systems are compatible with our process. We have systems to restore; Metal, Asphalt, Concrete, and Single-Ply (TPO, PVC, Rubber). Our number 1 goal is to help save you money through restoration. In most cases restoration/coatings can be expensed as a roof maintenance giving you, the building owner, a tax advantage in the year the job is completed.

A side benefit of restoration is energy reduction especially over metal and dark roofing substrates. By using the coating as a sacrificial barrier and reflecting 90% of the suns energy you drastically reduce the amount of heat flux into a building. If the a/c units are located on the roof, the incoming air can be reduced up to 70 degrees, making the a/c unit run more efficient and having a direct impact on cost savings.

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Roof Coatings can help get 3-4 times the lifespan out of existing commercial roofs, while reducing the amount of landfill waste.

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A building can experience an energy savings (kWh) of up to 15% after using a reflective roof coating.

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Cool white coatings can reduce roof surface temperature by up to 75°F, resulting in a new temperature that is typically 5° - 10°F over ambient temperature.

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Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration is a cost effective and proactive solution to prolong the life of the existing roof. Virtually all roofing types can be restored including Polyurethane Foam, Metal, Asphalt, and Single Ply Membranes. Restoration utilizes advanced materials that address the short comings and deterioration of the existing roof. After the deteriorated areas are addressed, a white reflective coating is applied over the entire roof. The white coating protects the underlying roofing materials from the elements that cause aging, namely: heat from the sun, moisture from rain and dew, and damaging UV radiation from the sun.

Benefits of Restoration

  • Building owner saved roughly 45% over 40 years – $330,000
  • No disruption to the occupants/workers.
  • Fully sustainable/renewable.
  • Energy Benefits due to reflectance of white roof.
  • Less roofing material in the landfill.

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