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Repair/Maintain your roofs at 70% less roof replacement

Zero Downtime

Sick of dealing with leak calls? Repair/Maintain your roofs at 70% less roof replacement without disrupting your tenants. Zero down time!At 838 Coatings we help in extending the life of your existing roof(s) at 70% less the cost of a new roof replacement.

There is ZERO disruption to your existing tenant’s business while we work with our certified contractor network to get your properties back into a watertight condition.

Our coating restoration systems are fully backed with a 10-15yr Labor & Material Warranty (NDL) options for qualified roofs. All warranted systems are fully inspected by 838 Coatings to ensure the work conducted by the contractor is properly installed.

By utilizing our commercial contractor network, we are also able to design specifications for each particular property AND help you standardize the bidding process so you receive apples to apples bids with certified 838 Coatings contractor base.

Eliminate the cost of consistent emergency leak repairs and increase your ROI by utilizing a fully coating restoration system

Not every roof is a candidate for a full coating system option, let us help you determine if your property qualifies….with a FREE ROOF INSPECTION.

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Reach out to 838 Coatings for your FREE roof inspection today.

Let us show you how you can save 70% using our coatings compared to roof replacement.


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